There are some reasons why growing a single plant can be very beneficial. First, with just one plant, one is more able to focus efforts, so the plant is more likely to grow better than individual plants on a plot of more than one marijuana plant.

Also, security is better with just one floor. While the authorities are dusting people who have large-scale cultivation inside their house, who has heard of someone who grows only one plant and his home has been stopped? The fact is that the police have more important things to do. Even if they wanted to find someone for it, a plant is much more natural to hide, so it is unlikely that anyone would notice it anyway.

Even better, cultivating only one plant is going to be very cheap compared to other options when it comes to growing, which include more plants and equipment, therefore, more expensive and more resources?

How To Grow From The Beginning

Now that the option to grow only one plant at home has been decided, we will go into the details of how to do it. First of all, you do not have to be stuck with the stress of how hard you think it could be. It’s just not as difficult as it seems – after all, there is a reason why marijuana has the common nickname (weed) so that just like any weed, it can grow almost anywhere “weed. “

One thing you should know about the growth of weed plants is that it is a flowering plant. In case you have not practiced gardening before, you have to know that you will grow the shoots only once per the calendar year, in the fall. You will see when the buds begin to rise when the sunlight starts to decrease below a certain point.

Cannabis planting for personal consumption is not penalized If a person shows marijuana in the courtyard of his home for personal use and is discovered by the police, he will not face criminal consequences or economic sanctions.