The Civil Guard has found another cultivation of marijuana ‘indoor,’ one more than a long list of houses converted into authentic greenhouses that have been dismantled so far this year in Cantabria. This time in the town of Soto de Ruanda (Valderredible), where a neighbor of Los Corrales had the plantation whose ‘fruits’ he later sold in the area of Buelna and Torrelavega.

According to the Civil, Guard explains, the Polices staff located first a house with clear signs of manipulation in the external electrical panel, so it was requested the analysis by inspectors of the electric company to verify a possible fraud in the fluid electric. And such deception was confirmed. Then, the ownership of that house – which in theory was unoccupied – was found out and it could be known that this person was an IGG and lived in Los Corrales de Buelna.